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  1. I have to agree. I have liked and supported every design YouTube has came out with. But this one looks cheap and looks Google-ish. Also, I don't like that there is no envelope symbol for the inbox. I don't like that the buttons for videos, etc. tab are not surrounded by a box. With the box button surrounding the videos,etc. it had more area to click, making it easier to click.- N/A (aka: youtube.com/movie3891)

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  4. grand… !!!.. I have one thought.. knowledge is probably a quantum event .. not a continuous one.. so.. big leaps in ‘knowing will happen at certain experiences.. like experimenting… the present school system.. shuns this aspect.. and rote … continuous method leads to just…. u know what..  If learning is experience oriented .. just like it used to be in ancient times… then knowledge will be the target and way.. both. sadhana and sadhya.. ! just like old times..

  5. nana disse:Isto é uma vergonha !!!…como diz o Boris !!!O Governo dá uma grande demonstração de compromisso com a comunidade, dando novas viaturas pra PM, POLITEC e POL. CIVIL.E a PMM, simplesmente, está devolvendo dinheiro?!É esse o “jeito bom” de governar a cidade de Macapá ?!

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  7. I’ve followed Bonnie Hunter for years, and am a scrappy quilter too. I can’t resist buying pretty plaid shirts and vintage prints. I’ve already made a new years resolution to finish many started quilts, one for each of my kids, grandkids, great grands, in 2013. Several are scrappy, tops made, but I need to finish out some patterns, and find some new ones, so would love to have her new book. Thanks for the opportunity.

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  10. Thank God for girls like Dahlia, or my college years would have been a lot lonelier. See, dateless guys? You can either buff up and act more confident and masculine, or go for skinny rock star cool instead. Or sit on your butts and write angry screeds about how bitches show no love for beta males (coughWhiskeycough).

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  14. / Howard Aubrey you are a real jerk and quite pompous. Please Keep your senseless comments to yourself. Saying these things make me think you grew up as a bully and are not liked by many even now. Why dont you just go to hell dude!


  16. Lakers are 3 – 18 last 21 gamesLakers have won 4 of last 21 third quarters (4 – 16 – 1)We’re used to seeing high powered offense. They’ve had Six 30 pt quarters last 21 games. Two coming in preseason. 6 for 84 seems almost impossible with Lakers talent.

  17. “NuStar immidiatly started with the clean up”. Do they mean this single boat I could see from where I live, spraying saltwater on several sqkm of oil? That was a sad view. If this is their “first line” of defense we are in trouble when the next spill is bigger. The sea was unusually calm that day. If it would have been rough, the effects would have been certainly worse.

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  20. Les éboulis, les routes qui n’en sont plus, le linge qui sèche, les nuages qui cavalent vers toi, toutes ces photos sont très attachantes. Car c’est ta vie au quotidien, c’est ton vécu. On peine avec toi ! on souffre avec toi ! et on se réjouit quand on te voit si rayonnante en compagnie des villageois. C’est ça la vie authentique !Besos

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  22. @ afkoeling Ik zit nu thuis en was nog niet ingelogd. Ik kan wel degelijk het artikel lezen zonder aangemeld te zijn. Die reactie eerder was vanaf mijn werk. Het klinkt wellicht uiterst knullig, maar dat kleine oranje blokje aan de zijkant van het artikel naast de pagina scroll balk (rechts) is een scrollblokje. daarmee scroll je dus naar de tekst. groet, Ronaldo

  23. …nice. And great photos too. I’ve been playing around with the same sort of recipe recently and have found that a bit of brown sugar helps to balance the salty sourness. I also dig a bit of a crunch too to contrast the other textures… I go for bean sprouts (safe ones of course!) and crushed peanuts usually. Nice one!

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  26. i agree iv read most of the books like: cole protical, flood, fall of reach, first strike, ghosts of onyx, and one of my personal faverites cryptum. but if you read cryptum you learn about the dictate and the libraryan and that 12 halos where commishind but only 6-8 remained so hopfully more games to come i think halo 4 has extreamly great graphics and gameplay cant wait to be on the connect so you can be actice and feel more in the game.

  27. . "Birther" is the "N" word for the white middle class and educated constitutionalists — while our country is DISMANTLED before our eyes.Trayvon's shooter was hispanic but since the commies seek to take down the white middle class he has been appointed as only white.RESIST OBAMA and ALL THE FRAUD IN MEDIA AND DC

  28. Offensive skill set is shooting, passing, handles, mid-range, post game, driving ability, off. rebounds, foul line. LeBron dominates every player in the league in all those categories. You can say Durant has LeBron in shooting range, but that’s it. Melo is not a diverse scorer his game is mid range. LeBron, Kobe, Wade have the best skillsets in the league.

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  30. LOVE the orange cardigan with this! It really looks amazing with the grey.I also like to browse back through my archives and see how I've worn an item. I'm often surprised at my creativity.

  31. You are welcome Budi, thanks for the kind words. I compiled these tutorials exactly for the reason that I shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time doing video conversions. Now I just follow my own tutorials when doing the encoding.

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  33. I’m glad you liked it; posting a link is easy enough. I actually discovered Pitts through another Tolkien fandom-member (Allie Meril), so sharing the love with you guys seems natural…

  34. bonjour je voulais vous conseiller de ne jamais toucher une cigarette car c est tres dangereux pr notre santee ca cause des graves maladies et c est bien de stoper par fumer meme si c est difficile mais aussi c mieux de faire un effort comme meme ex mon pare fumait ca fais 23 ans mais mnt nn car avc l aide des gens et le pouvoir de la personne et de Dieu vous pouvez y arriver

  35. The NDP … has consistently called for a moratorium on new Tar Sands developments … Many Albertans actually share this concern…Yes, all 5-7% of them that vote Green. And you're dreaming if you think Duncan was elected due to the NDP's environmental policies. It think it has more to do with Edmonton-Strathcona being the poorest per capita riding in Alberta.

  36. Wow this shows me how lax I have been with this site these last few months. it is now almost 4 months later! Thanks nevertheless for your kind words about my wild and crazy poem waking to a shark. Yes do lets talk soon. Please say hi to Joan! And yes finally i think I am in good enough shape now to get back to Eos again! As well as a lot of other creative endeavors.

  37. "okayyyyyyy one; it wasn't an inside job. jeez." – Riggggghhhhht. Ooookayyy. It obviously takes more than the average intellect to come to the conclusion that 9/11 was planned and orchestrated by the US gov. Calling people names is just a fear based reaction to something you do not understand. Now go back to your soda, McD's, fox news and fluoride enhanced water please. jeez.

  38. let me get this straight, someone laughed at him when he asked for delivery for something he has been paying storage for because they dont have it? wtf. i would be like, “thats ok, just tell me what your address is so i can take delivery on your brains by the ounce”…….then quickly run away!

  39. This dish should always be served with PATACONES or CHILFLES… which are fried green Plantains. Patacones are a thicker cut.. and Chifles is the thinner kind.. If you search both things in this site you can find them.. I never heard of ceviche with tabasco, instead true Ecuadorians eat it with AJI, which is a hot sauce made with onions, tree tomatoes, and Hot chilli peppers, but never Tabasco, that would ruin the flavor… PEace!!!

  40. So Apple is winning everything, getting every bit of attention design-wise by creating things with the so-called: “minimalist, Bauhaus-inspired aesthetic” and Germans should move away from it? Why should we? This is what made German design famous and why does everyone have to go global and do the same things? Doesn’t make any sense to me, to be honest. I dont see Zaha Hadid doing anything but what she does best, creating organic buildings. Stick with what you’re good at. ‘The world moves on’ doesn’t mean minimialistic, functional design is out of date.

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  42. Cada sabado, llena de ilusion ESTA PAREJITA; ojala algun dia no muy lejano nuevamente se unan…. SON LINDOS AMBOS; el reto de la vida hizo que cada uno haga lo suyo, ahora nuevamente unidos x ayudar a otros. REGRESENNNNNN. SUERTE.

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  47. Now i´m knowing what´s the meaning of next weeks episode – “He´s our you” = it means Kelivn Inman is in that time, around the 70´s the torturer for the DI!!! Like Sayid is/was trained by Kelvin Inman and now they will meet probably each other!?!? Good Thought, or what are you guys thinking about this “theory”!?

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  62. For all that you and 4-4 Cav does…Thank you!! Looking forward to having all you guys home safely. In the mean time, be safe, Kick A$$, and know that we are cheering and suporrting you guys from here on the home front all the way!

  63. George, hi. Yes, I think that’s a useful framework for writing on the web. It helps to get through the fear that can sometimes grip us (all those people watching!) and also the dull sense of anonymity and invisibility that can seep in if we think no-one is there. Words can and do make a difference, and it’s always good to write with that in mind.

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  72. You are blessed indeed Becky!! Our youngest son and family live about 30 minutes away, but the others live 2 and 3 hours away. Still so thankful that they don't live STATES away. We still do a lot together as often as we can. Some weekends we are gone so often that our church thinks we are visitors when we come back. LOL God is good!!Love that saying!!Hugs~

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